• Muhammad Nawawi STIE Trisna Negara
Keywords: strategic management, performance measurement, manufacturing companies, TQM approach


Strategic management is understood as more than just creating and implementing strategic planning, but in a broader scope it is a continuous process that includes all activities undertaken to make plans, actions, and policies to achieve company goals or mission. There are three kinds of analysis needed to prepare strategic management for manufacturing companies, namely internal environmental analysis, external environmental analysis and strategic choice analysis. Analysis of the company's internal and external environment using the SWOT method (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is needed to obtain useful strategic choices in the future, build strengths, reduce weaknesses, expand opportunities and ward off threats. There are several things that are influential in strengthening the strategic management of a company, namely: the importance of customers, continuous improvement, performance measurement, cultural transformation, and company management involvement. In this article, apart from discussing various concepts in performance measurement in manufacturing companies, the discussion will also focus on how the performance measurement of manufacturing companies can strengthen strategic management, especially in terms of the TQM approach.


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